How To Make An Origami Boat

Making an Origami Boat Origami is a paper folding technique that originated in Japan, which has been practiced for a couple of centuries. It

How To Sew Clothes

There are so many different types of crafts and hobbies that are enjoyed by a variety of people. Children enjoy passing the time by

How To Take A Photograph With Your Digital Camera

Photography, before digital pictures were available, used prints and slides for a camera. Slides were developed for groups, who wished to view a particular

How To Make A Book

Books are all around us. They come in many different shapes and sizes and range from being very practical to extremely ornate and beautiful.

How To Make Singlecrochet Stitch

A favorite hobby of many people is the creation of their own clothing and accessories. Clothing can be created from a wide variety of

How To Sew A Button On

There are a couple of ways to sew a button on a garment. The reason for the variety of sewing methods is due to

How To Make A Spaceship Out Of A Floppy Disk

What are you going to do with the old floppy disks you have in your office? You can throw them in the trash, or

How To Make A Kaleidoscope

If you are looking for a project to keep the kids busy and entertained for long after the glue has been put away, creating

Knitting 101

Basics of Knitting Knitting is a time honored craft that will provide you with unlimited ideas for gifts for your family and friends. By

How To Make An Origami Flower Pot Or Basket

Have you ever wanted to learn how to engage in the art of origami? Here you will learn how to make an origami flower

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